Enter into the world of 3D Flame:

I consider myself to be really lucky as for the last 15 years I have worked within an Industry that I love – 3D design. I began as an animator in 1995 after completing a really excellent animation course at Bournemouth University, UK, and have subsequently been able to use and develop my skills to progress to the heady heights of senior lead artist.

Artistically, there are many influences that blend into and inform my work. I love the style of Drew Struzan (the stunning poster artist behind the Star Wars films) and Shirow Masamune (Ghost in the Shell) There is a lot of his work in the video games I worked on. I also cite the iconic Norman Rockwell - The original American popular portrait artist, as an influence as he created such excellent images. I admire his concise painting style and flawless brushwork. Equally, I also think I learned a lot from simply playing with plasticine and lego when I was a child and penning my own cartoons.

Why do I love my job?

I get most of my satisfaction from transforming ideas and concepts into visual reality. Once I start a project I look to develop a clear direction and gain a sense of achievement from leading a creative team towards the production of a fantastic finished piece of work. Plus I get to work with artists and animators who can teach me new cool things in 3D, which is great!. I believe that having fun is an important aspect of being at work and helps the creative juices flow.

What’s my ambition?

With my practical experience of 3D, animation, drawing, story boarding, editing, teaching and tutoring others my ideal is to be in a position where I can direct a team of talented people to create my artistic visions. I don’t want to just map out ideas: I want to create worlds!

What’s my outlook on life?

It’s really short – so make the most of it. The one person who has left a lasting impression on me is my Grandmother – at the age of 80 she decided that she would travel the world; and she did just that in a time where some parts had never seen a western woman. I have taken onboard her delight in people and her curiosity of new cultures and am determined to discover the world for myself!

And finally…

See what I have been up to by have viewing my online portfolio as it will give you an overview of the projects that I have been fortunate to work on over the past few years. Enjoy!